Download Your Digital Copy of The Secret of Climbing

Thanks for purchasing the album! Follow the steps below to get the digital version for your computer and mobile devices.

NOTE: You will not be able to download these files directly to a device (mobile phone, tablet). Download to your desktop or laptop computer and then load them onto devices after you have unzipped them (instructions on confirmation page).

To begin, locate the UPC on the back of the album (you’ll need to enter the numbers from the UPC in the form).

The Secret of Climbing - Back Cover

  • Complete the form below.
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  • When entering the numbers from the UPC you can use spaces, dashes, or any other special character if that helps to keep track of the UPC digits as you type. You can also enter the code with no separators.
  • Select your preferred audio file format(s). If you’re not sure which one to choose, MP3 is the most compatible with players, devices, and software. Here’s a brief description of the differences in file formats.
  • Click the Download button only once. If you entered a valid UPC you will be taken download confirmation page.

SELECT FILE FORMAT (choose one or more):

[84 MB] Compatible with: iTunes, iPhone

[310 MB] Compatible with: Windows Media Player, iTunes

[621 MB] Compatible with: VLC, Winamp

Differences in File Formats

MP3: The MP3 or ‘MPEG Audio Layer III’ format is the most popular audio format in general as it is the default audio format for many music providers, devices, and software. Almost any software or device will play an MP3 file. While MP3 audio files are compressed (meaning some sound information may be lost), for the average person the sound quality is still quite good.

WAV: The WAV or ‘Waveform Audio File Format’ is a true uncompressed (lossless) audio format developed by Microsoft. This means the resulting digital file is an exact copy of the source audio. Most audio players and devices can play WAV files.

FLAC: The FLAC or ‘Free Lossless Audio Codec’ is the most popular uncompressed (lossless) audio format. Like WAV, FLAC audio files are an exact copy of the source audio. FLAC is not supported by all devices or programs however, most notably, iTunes (there are apps available in the iTunes Store that support FLAC so you can play the files on Mac computers and iPhones).