So Many Miles

Stephen Fearing   © 1996

I’m always chasing after
My restless, hungry mind
The bar fills up with strangers
Armed with drinks
To put the long day’s work behind them

And my solitary shell
Is something I thought I might grow out of with age
Ah this loneliness is getting old
And I’m so many miles away

This morning broke on the sunny side
In the dark, iron hollow of the dawn
I wandered down for coffee
Through a haze of smoke and last night’s song
And picking up your letter
I read between the lines that lovers say
Distance is precarious for me
So many miles away

There was something in a dream I left behind
A portent or a sign
A road I could have taken
Introspection can be a crutch
Sometimes I think too much
Cerebral isolation

Tractors blocked the traffic
As I drove through all the mid-day farming towns
Sunlight splintered off the cars
And cut the threads of winter from the ground
And stopping on a high-street
I phoned you from the back of a café
Just to listen to you breathing
So many miles away