Between Hurricanes (2013) – CD


Born out of several life-changing events, Stephen Fearing’s 10th solo album, Between Hurricanes, is both the result and document of many significant experiences, including the end of his first marriage, leaving the record label that had been his home for 10 years, and the semi-retirement of his longtime manager Bernie Finkelstein (Bruce Cockburn).

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  1. As The Crow Flies
  2. Don’t You Wish Your Bread Was Dough
  3. Cold Dawn
  4. Wheel of Love
  5. The Half Life of Childhood
  6. The Fool
  7. Keep Your Mouth Shut
  8. Just In Time To Say Goodbye
  9. These Golden Days
  10. Just To Be With You
  11. Early Morning Rain (Bonus Track)


Released: 2013 / LowdenProud Records Ltd.
Produced by: John Whynot and Stephen Fearing
Recorded at: The Woodshed Studio in Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

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