Vejpoesi (2023)

Vejpoesi - Vinyl cover

Limited-edition Vinyl • Digital Download

To my friend Bob Lanois, a fierce conjurer who saw the world through a magic lens.

“Without people you’re nothing.”
  ~Joe Strummer

Stephen Fearing & The Sentimentals | Photo by Jesper Van
  ~Photo by Jesper Van

Maskinhallen Sessions

May 24 & 25, 2022
These songs were recorded live off the floor over two days in Frederikshavn, Denmark. The Maskinhallen is an old electricity generating station now transformed into a gorgeous venue and made available to us through the incredible generosity of Jens Ole Amstrup – musical director and head of development. I began working with The Sentimentals in 2018 (thank you, Jonathan Byrd, for the introduction) and immediately fell in love with all things Denmark. These sessions were a chance to reconnect with my pals after two years of pandemic lockdown and difficult isolation from live music and the friendship of the road.

Bob Lanois and Stephen Fearing | Photo by Jennifer Johnston
  ~Photo by Jennifer Johnston

The Mule Spinner Live

April 21, 2018
The Mule Spinner – another repurposed industrial building – is at the heart of the old Cotton Factory in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. What was once a busy textiles plant is now a hub for creative arts and live performance as well as a regular location for film and television shoots. When Bob Lanois took over The Mule Spinner with Glen Marshall he invited me to perform solo in the new venue and, at the last minute, we decided to record the concert.


Side 1 (Maskinhallen Sessions)
1. As the Crow Flies
2. Gold on the River
3. Christine
4. Someone Else’s Shoes
5. Sunny

Recorded and mixed by Anders Overgaard

Stephen Fearing – Vocal, Acoustic guitar
The Sentimentals are:
MC Hansen – Vocal, Electric Guitar
Nikolaj Wolf – Electric & Upright Bass
Jacob Chano – Vocal, Drums, Percussion

Side 2 (The Mule Spinner Live)
1. Better Than Good
2. Finest Kind *
3. Red Lights in the Rain
4. The Things We Did **
5. Early Morning Rain ***

Recorded by Bob Lanois and Glen Marshall
Mixed by Stephen Fearing

Stephen Fearing – Vocal, Acoustic Guitar


Produced by Stephen Fearing
Mastered by Jamie Sitar at Outta Town Sound, Winnipeg
Album design and illustration by Marc Audet, Ottawa Gig Posters

All songs written by Stephen Fearing (Fearing & Loathing Music) except:
* Written by Tom Wilson (Sony Music Canada/Thomas Cunningham Wilson
Music) and Stephen Fearing (Fearing & Loathing Music)
** Written by Tom Allen and Stephen Fearing (Fearing & Loathing Music)
*** Written by Gordon Lightfoot (Moose Music)