Blind Indifference

Stephen Fearing 1997 © Mummy Dust / Fearing and Loathing Music

These train tracks run parallel
Never shall they meet
And you and I are two sides
Of the same suburban street
We share the same religion
We hum the same old songs
And we learn to keep our distance
And we never get along

Oh mercy shine your love on me
Take this blind indifference and make me see
All the good around me
All the friends that keep me clean
Human beings were never born to be so mean

The cost of happiness is rising
Like the stink of gasoline
Blowing down the highway
From the trucks and the limousines
In the streets the tempers
And the V8 pistons fly
Curses flung like bottles
At the endless passerby


I’ve been thinking about my father
Thinking about his son
Caught between what could have been
And the things that we should have done
Sometimes I think the only thing
That keeps you from someone
Is the pride you never lost
And the respect that you never won