The Empathist – Indiegogo campaign

Here’s a good story!

On a cold wet January morning in 2022, I received a slightly odd, possibly “suspicious” e-mail from a guy named Ken Coomer. The e-mail was so “out of the blue” that I wondered whether it was a scam, here’s the gist of it –

“Ken Coomer here, founding member of Wilco and other assorted musical adventures. Man, someone turned me on to your music. I am a fan! I have a studio in Nashville… Let me know if you want to talk music sometime.”

I googled… Ken has a good website and I quickly realised that he is 3 x Grammy-nominated-genuine and is indeed genuinely interested in working with me. It’s rare in this business to get “cold-called” from such a high-profile producer/player, but Ken is a bit of a maverick and as he said, “At this stage in my career I want to work and make records with artists that move me. Otherwise, it’s like I’m just punching the clock”.

So the conversation began, and here we are at the tipping point. I’ve decided to go with crowdfunding for this project for various reasons, but rather than go into detail here, please follow the link below and/or watch the video to get the nitty gritty. I think you will be interested in what we are planning to do. Thanks for reading. =SF=