Blowhard Nation – New single coming Sept.19th

Phtographer: Mark MaryanovichFriends, I’m happy to tell you that Blowhard Nation, the first single off my new album (Every Soul’s a Sailor coming January 2017) is launching with media across Canada on Monday, September 19th. It’s a roots-rock anthem inspired by my outrage over Donald Trump’s con-man campaign of hate and fear.

The song will be available on and I’m donating all of my proceeds from the single to , a charity serving the very people Trump wants to turn away from a life of health, education, and safety.

img_2197Why release the single so far ahead of the album?

Like most Canadians, I’ve been listening to Trump’s campaign of lies, half-truths, and fear-mongering. There’s this willingness to speak what’s been considered unacceptable in a presidential candidate up ‘til now. It has brought some of the most bigoted and ignorant people into the light of day, making strange bedfellows with a large mass of the US population who are generally disgusted with politicians and the political machine in general. It’s illuminating to see how Trump’s message has made some truly vile people feel safe enough to come out into the open, teeth bared.

My desire to write this song came from an instinctual reaction to the politics of hate and grew into a desire to spell out my feelings that voting for Trump or Brexit or The National Front is voting for bedlam. On the surface, these candidates may appear to scratch the itch that has driven you crazy but in the end, they will claw you to death.

“In the United States I have always believed that there was a big difference between Conservative and stupid. Boy is it getting harder to prove that one by the minute.” ~Rick Mercer