The Secret of Climbing (2018): Vinyl


Album includes a free digital download with bonus track (instructions in record sleeve).



Recorded off the floor with just two mics (one vocal, one for Stephen’s beloved Manzer acoustic guitar) and a vintage Studer 8 channel tape recorder, the tracks were cut directly to vinyl with no overdubs, processing, or studio gadgetry in between. The 180 gram vinyl delivers an exceptional listening experience at a weight that, like the music it holds, will endure for decades.

While this album was designed from start-to-finish for vinyl, some fans may want to enjoy it on mobile devices. With this in mind, each album includes a digital download (FLAC, WAV, and MP3 options). The files were lifted directly from the album’s test pressing and preserve the detail and warmth of analogue as faithfully as possible.

Read the complete story about how this special release was crafted and the music industry legends who worked on it.

This limited edition pressing will sell out, so get your copy before it’s too late!

Additional information

Weight .508 kg
Dimensions 32 x 32 x 2 cm